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Promo for GW Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Celebration

Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Celebration

The George Washington University presented its first annual Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Celebration in 2004. Promoting the values and traditions of East Asian, Southeast Asian and Pacific Island cultures, APIHC programs include culture shows, distinguished guest lectures and other educational events.

book cover: the last blank spaces

Faculty Book: The Last Blank Spaces

For a British Empire that stretched across much of the globe at the start of the nineteenth century, the interiors of Africa and Australia remained intriguing mysteries. The challenge of opening these continents to imperial influence fell to a proto-professional coterie of determined explorers. They sought knowledge, adventure, and fame, but often experienced confusion, fear, and failure. Dane Kennedy's The Last Blank Spaces follows the arc of these explorations, from idea to practice, from intention to outcome, from myth to reality.

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