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In addition to the myriad of opportunities to engage the world while at GW, we offer a robust array of study abroad opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students.

Office for Study Abroad

"Studying at the ESSEC Business School in Paris gave me the opportunity to pursue my degree requirements not only in another language but through an international perspective by interacting with other students around the world. Personally, it allowed me to grow as an individual by establishing my independence in a foreign country. Overall, my experience abroad has undoubtedly impacted my professional endeavors and inspired me to seek a post-graduate degree in Europe."

Margot Lebourgeois
Class of 2019 International Business and Marketing

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Ways to Study Abroad 


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Semester or Longer

The Office for Study Abroad provides more than 300 approved programs in more than 60 countries for undergraduate students who want to go abroad for a semester or academic year.


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Global Bachelor's Program

The GW Global Bachelor’s Program gives students valuable international experience through multiple semesters abroad as part of their GW studies.


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Graduate Programs

Most graduate-level study abroad programs are managed by the graduate schools. Graduate students interested in studying abroad should contact their graduate school to learn more about available study abroad opportunities within their school.



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Short-Term Programs

Short Term Abroad Programs are available through individual schools and departments at GW and vary depending on the topic of the associated course. Popular university departments running short-term opportunities include GWSB's Global & Experiential Education Office and CCAS's Global Initiatives.

While short-term programs can offer amazing opportunities in a condensed study abroad experience, GW is proud to offer a wide range of semester and year-long programs, which allow students of nearly any major to choose between multiple affordable study abroad experiences.

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Other Ways to Travel

Many students travel abroad for a fellowship, internship, independent research (e.g., capstone or thesis), competition, or other type of activity related to their GW experience. For programs that fall outside of the Office for Study Abroad, students should consult with their advisor for additional information. Students are required to complete the International Travel Approval Process if GW has no pre-existing application for the program of interest.