Planning GW Related or Supported Travel

See GW International Travel to Israel, Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon for requirements for review / approval of GW related or supported travel to Israel, Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon.

The following minimum requirements apply to the GW traveler categories (Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, and Faculty and Staff) listed below.  GW Colleges and Schools may have requirements over and above these minimum standards.  Any additional requirements by college/school are noted in the lefthand menu bar.

Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students
Faculty and Staff

*For travel with Undergraduate and/or Graduate Students, see the above sections.

Note 1: DoS Travel Advisory levels may vary for specific locations/areas within a country. For example, the DoS may advise travelers to “Exercise increased caution” (Level 2) in a country, but to “Reconsider travel” (Level 3) to a particular area within the country. Travelers are subject to the Planning GW Travel guidelines for the particular area(s) they are traveling to.

Note 2: Travel to GeoBlue/Crisis24 Restricted Locations requires prior review/confirmation to provide Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation services.

Note 3: Students enrolling in a semester abroad program through the Office for Study Abroad or in a short-term abroad program through their respective College/School do not need to complete this process. These programs have already been reviewed and approved by GW. 

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