International Business & Operations Policies

GW offers information to help travelers navigate the university’s regulations and U.S. laws that govern international business and research.

Conducting University Activities Overseas 

When planning university activities to be held overseas or with non-US entities—including negotiating and entering into contracts with foreign entities; conducting research and attending conferences overseas; offering courses, training, goods or services overseas; and co-authoring or co-publishing scholarly articles or journals with faculty at foreign academic and research institutions—faculty, staff and students must be aware of GW policy related to compliance with applicable U.S. and host-country laws.

Conducting University Activities Overseas


Export Control 

GW complies with U.S. export control laws restricting certain types of information, technologies and commodities that can be transmitted overseas to entities and individuals. It is the responsibility of faculty, staff and students to be aware of and comply with U.S. export control laws as well as with the university’s written instructions and procedures before engaging in any activities that may raise compliance issues under U.S. export control laws or this policy.

Export Control Policy

Additional Information - Office of the Vice President of Research


Foreign Gifts and Contracts 

GW personnel receiving gifts of any value from a foreign source promptly must report such gifts to the Office of the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations. 

Foreign Gifts and Contracts Disclosure Policy


Tax Issues 

Academic and administrative departments must consider various tax issues when making payments to international individuals and companies. Follow guidance from the GW Tax Department to ensure compliance with GW policy and U.S. law.

Tax Considerations for International Activity


International Travel 

There are many university policies and federal regulations pertaining to travel outside the continental United States. 

GW's Office of International Programs maintains compliance with the International Travel Approval Policy.

International Travel Approval Policy

GW’s Office of Risk Management administers GW’s International Travel Insurance and Assistance Program. 

International Travel Insurance Policy

Additional Information - Office of Risk Management

GW's Procurement Office provides a wide range of resources that can make traveling outside the United States more safe and uneventful and assist travelers in avoiding health issues. 

GW Procurement International Travel Resources

The GW Division of Information Technology publishes helpful information regarding how to maintain the security of technology on campus and while traveling. Please scroll to the bottom of the following link in order to find a PDF on Data Security Abroad.

Data Security Abroad Information


Reimbursement Policy 

For travel purposes, GW will incur or reimburse expenses that are actual and necessary for a university business purpose, are documented, approved and submitted properly, and are consistent with the university’s business objectives. 

Travel, Entertainment and Business Expense Reimbursement


Disbursements Policies

It is the policy of the university for all payments to be made in U.S. currency and by the university’s Accounts Payable department. There are circumstances in which exceptions can be made and payments can be issued by cashier's check and in non-U.S. currency. Please refer to the disbursement policy links below for additional information.

Disbursement by Cashier's Check Policy

Disbursements in Non-U.S. Currency Policy


Engaging Workers 

International engagements can be complex. Resources are provided to ensure the appropriate GW offices and individuals are engaged at the onset to help analyze and structure the placement or assignment successfully.  These offices will examine applicable requirements under U.S. and host country laws and regulations, including, for example, the form of engagement (employment, independent contractor, third party hiring agency, etc).

International Hires & Placements Resources


Research and Sponsored Projects 

Please visit the George Washington University's Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) regarding information and resources on international research. In addition, all sub-awardees that are for-profit companies/international must complete the Sub Financial Status Questionnaire (PDF), in addition to the Subrecipient Commitment Form (PDF) before primary award is received by GW.

OVPR International Research Information

Sub Financial Status Questionnaire (PDF)

Subrecipient Commitment Form (PDF)