Health Insurance Information

GeoBlue’s coverage for incidents related to COVID-19 is subject to the limitations as outlined on their COVID-19 Updates webpage.

Faculty and staff traveling abroad on university business are automatically covered by GeoBlue’s insurance plan. To register and access important plan information, you must follow these steps:

  • Visit GeoBlue’s travel registration website.
  • Enter GW’s Group Access Code: QHG99999GWBT
  • Create a user profile by entering your name, email address and password. Your password is user-generated, so please choose something that you are likely to remember in the future.
  • Once you are logged in, you will have access to various benefit information as well as online and mobile self-service tools. You can locate medical providers abroad, view country security profiles and print your insurance ID card.
  • To print your insurance ID card, click the “Print ID Card” link on the GeoBlue Member Hub webpage. Be sure to carry this card with you while you travel.


For help with the faculty and staff insurance registration process contact GeoBlue:

Students traveling abroad on GW affiliated or sponsored travel are required to enroll in health insurance through GW’s partner, GeoBlue, for the duration of travel. This will allow access to GeoBlue’s vast network of doctors and hospitals abroad, as well as medical referrals and country-specific health and safety information. Once your travel registration/application is processed in GW Passport, you will have access to the GeoBlue insurance enrollment website.

GW students traveling as part of a group program may be enrolled by their group leader/travel administrator.  Be sure to ask your group leader if individual GeoBlue enrollment in required.


GeoBlue is an accident and illness insurance plan. Outside of the Post-Departure Trip Interruption Benefit, it does not provide the type of benefits found under a travel insurance or cancel for any reason insurance policy.  Students may wish to purchase travel insurance on an individual basis through HTH Worldwide, a GeoBlue affiliate. 

GeoBlue covers COVID testing when prescribed by a physician for symptomatic individuals or for individuals who were directly exposed and may be asymptomatic.  If a student receives a prescription or referral through GeoBlue’s telehealth vendor, the subsequent test would be covered. Students can submit a claim for a COVID test the same way as other medical services and indicate the reason/diagnosis on the claim form.

Effective with GeoBlue enrollments on or after 7/1/22, students may be eligible for the following Post-Departure Trip Interruption benefit:

Post Departure Trip Interruption


Transportation Benefit

Deductible does not Apply. 
Maximum Benefit up to $1,500 per Coverage Year (one-way economy class air fare ticket to reach by the most direct route on the next available carrier, less any refunds or credits paid to the traveler for unused tickets)

Lodging & Incidentals Benefit

Deductible does not Apply.
Maximum Benefit up to $2,000 per Coverage Year and limited to $200 per day per for a Maximum of 10 calendar days.

If a student receives a positive COVID test result that delays their return home due to “strict isolation imposed by a Government authority or Physician to prevent the spread of an infectious disease”, they will need to pay for all associated expenses out-of-pocket and apply for reimbursement through GeoBlue.

For related expense claims, a student can provide:

• Documentation of a government’s requirement to quarantine/isolate. The documentation should include the required quarantine period.


• A statement from the treating physician specifying the nature of the illness/medical reason why your trip could not be continued and the requirement to quarantine/isolate. The statement should include the quarantine period.

The physician statement should indicate the date of the positive test and the required quarantine time (note a recommendation to self-isolate is insufficient for the Post-Departure Trip Interruption benefit).