GW supports and encourages international study, work and research. To ensure a positive experience, the university maintains sound practices and policies for GW-sponsored travel, work, study and residence outside of the United States. These practices and policies help us address health and safety concerns abroad, such as access to medical care and emergency evacuation services.


Emergency Contact Numbers (PDF)




Student Travel Policies

Student Travel Policies

Student travel policies vary depending on your trip length and purpose and the school in which you’re enrolled.


Faculty & Staff Travel Policies

Faculty & Staff Travel Policies

If you’re traveling with students or alone, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with GW’s faculty and staff travel policies.

Business and Operations Policies

Business & Operations Policies

GW offers guidelines and policies to help travelers navigate university regulations and U.S. laws that govern international business and research.


Health and Safety

GW partners with GeoBlue to provide university travelers with health and safety assistance as well as evacuation services.  All GW travelers must print out an emergency contact card (PDF), which provides GeoBlue’s emergency contact information. This card must be carried at all times while abroad.