Acknowledgement of Travel Responsibilities and Limitations of Support

Any GW student, faculty, or staff member traveling for approved GW-affiliated or GW-supported travel, as outlined in the Interim Policy for International Travel, must review and acknowledge the following information prior to travel. Approved travelers will officially sign this acknowledgement as part of their post-approval registration in GW Passport. Please review the Essential Travel Process Steps for more information on post-approval registration.

I acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • I understand that GW recommends that I only partake in travel if I am in good health and am free from any physical or mental ailment or disability requiring medical, surgical, or other care or treatment which might endanger my health or safety or the health and safety of those with whom I may come in contact. I also understand that GW recommends that I speak to my physician prior to traveling to obtain medical clearance to travel. If I am prescribed any medication, it is my responsibility to confirm the legality of my medication in my host and transit countries, to bring the necessary quantity of all legal, prescribed medication needed for the duration of my travel, and to take said medication as prescribed by my physician.
  • I have familiarized myself with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ( guidelines and recommendations for travel and the US Department of State's Travel Advisory and Country Specific Information (
  • During travel, I will be subject to all local laws and regulations of the host country and any transit countries. These laws and regulations could impact entry and exit capabilities, access to transportation, business operations, free movement, and more. GW, GW’s international health insurer GeoBlue, and the US Government (or my government of citizenship) may be limited in their ability to provide assistance to me in order to abide by, or should I fail to abide by, any such regulations. It is my responsibility to be aware of these regulations and plan accordingly or defer travel if such regulations would limit the successful completion of my intended travel purpose.
  • As a traveler, I understand that I may incur additional fees or travel costs if travel is cancelled, preventative quarantine is required, in-country operations are suspended, my stay is extended as a result of travel restrictions, or for other reasons. GW recommends that I consider purchasing refundable airline tickets and/or trip cancellation insurance. Prior to travel, I will speak with the division, department, office, or organization sponsoring or organizing my travel and confirm whether financial support under such circumstances will be available and any limitations that may apply.
  • It is my responsibility to secure the necessary supply of masks, sanitizing products, or other related supplies that may be required in order to access transportation, appear in public, or visit any operating establishments during my travel.
  • GW reserves the right to revoke any travel approval and recall travelers.
  • GeoBlue’s coverage for incidents related to COVID-19 is subject to the limitations as outlined in the GeoBlue COVID-19 Updates for Group Members. It is my responsibility to familiarize myself with these COVID-19 updates as well as the GeoBlue policy brochure located in the GeoBlue online account in order to understand the benefits of coverage as well as policy limitations.
  • Depending on the local and national laws of the host country, transit countries, and the United States, and the insurance limitations in place, I understand that GW, GeoBlue, and the United States government (or my government of citizenship) may not be able to assist in my evacuation and return to the United States and that evacuation may be delayed or not available.
  • It is my responsibility to cover preventative quarantine costs, such as hotel or meal costs, for any GW, governmental, or Program-mandated self-quarantine upon arrival in the host country or upon return unless otherwise specified by the division, department, office, or organization sponsoring or organizing my travel.


For questions concerning this Acknowledgement, please contact the Office of International Programs ([email protected]).